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Electronic Discovery from ACBC  and Bob Wilbur
ACBC Board Members Lie to the community and pay to sue themselves!
From ACBC   (scroll to bottom of the page for Wilbur discovery)

1/1  Shaak to Delahanty - regarding raising dues for a prior term.  Dustin wants no response because he know he is wrong and tells Ed to not respond.  Ed, as always, kow tows to the King.  You have to wonder if Ed read the files Dustin submitted where he conspired with Gwyn to over-throw him on Feb 22 of last year so Dustin could be president.  
1/4  Palmer lies to Frederick about board conversation and rewrites the past to cover her butt about dues increase.  Karen is such a pain for telling the truth and setting her up to respond to her lies?  I hear that Blagojevich needs a room-mate in prison - he lied too.

1/5  Wilbur and Delahanty outline strategy for $1000 club members to pay more legal fees.
1/7  Wilbur soliciting proxy voting right from Patricia Duff
1/16  Carol Delahanty discusses with Frederick allowing Ed to rule as president.  Dustin wants to control Ed's actions.
1/16  Carol Delahanty, Frederick and Wilbur conspire to defraud insurance  to obtain more money.
1/22  C.Delahanty - advising Ed and Suzy that Jones motion is invalid.  Suzy and Ed continue to struggle with original thought and must get advice from Dustin and his shadow board.
1/31  Wilbur asking Staton, Frederick and C.Delahanty for legal input on declaration   Carol Delahanty supplies advice and $$ to sue Ed?
2/5  Fredericks addresses Palmer and Delahanty on wanting to extract money from Traveler's Insurance
2/6  Frederick wants to induce the insurance company to pay a large settlement.
2/9  Gwyn tries to influence new board to send everyone with unpaid dues to collection and shut down members who don't say what she likes
2/10  Frederick tells Delahanty to pound sand and increase the dues regardless of what he thinks should happen.   Delahanty gets to wear the crown but not make any decisions.
2/6   Blankenship conspires with Frederick and Wilbur on how to best extract attorney fees from defendants and insurance.  Blankenship is not licensed to practice in the state of WA but provides legal input.
2/17  Gwyn Staton begs to be appointed to the board because she has a backbone and claims the others don't.
2/18  Frederick to Delahanty - wording of pool status (Dustin is still a plaintiff)
2/19  Frederick demanding Delahanty do as he says while conferring with Staton on the side.
2/19  Frederick provides Staton with confidential legal info - 'for your eyes only"
2/19  Frederick wants to be included on litigation even though still a plaintiff -  he blind copies Wilbur and Staton on confidential board conversation.
2/20  Frederick upset by Dan Jones post - Ed agrees with Dan Jones 
3/5  Wilbur to Delahanty - requests to be on all lake committees and informs Ed of what his agenda for the lake should be
2/22  Staton pushes Frederick to remove Ed as president because he doesn't agree.  Dustin says he will make him agree.   WOW, Carol will be mad when she sees this.
3/6  Carol throws a hissy fit and yells at Wilbur, Frederick and Staton for not kissing Ed's butt for working hard on the pool.  This is what conspiring to defraud will get you Carol!
3/14  Gwyn Staton wants to retaliate against former board members.  Dustin wants them all to resign from Nextdoor to teach everyone a lesson.  Nobody reads the board website hence they are reluctant to do that.
3/15  Delahanty asks Frederick to motion for a dues increase (passive aggressive behavior pretending he isn't in favor)
3/17  Wilbur - worried about the budget committee; Dustin says they will be ignored - all that work by Dennis Eagan for nothing.  This board is insular and doesn't want input from the community; they have gone rogue and operating like an HOA.
3/26  Delahanty admits to have never reading the reserve study (one year later) that indicates the pool has no value as an asset
4/5   Morrow and Frederick want to inform the community that they are in charge and ask members to tow the line.  
4/5   Palmer - Lynam - Harry blesses pool rehab costs
4/6   Morrow to Board - ACBC in violation per the county but lots of wink-wink going on.  Frederick pushes for immediate assessment.
4/6   Delahanty to Morrow - agrees to adding a clause to assessment ballot for reno. to open this year 
4/10  Morrow wants to start sending members to collections and want to look into liens while Frederick pushes for assessment date
4/10  Fredericks discusses a plan to sue a few members to get the others in line to pay  (and, he stares blankly at meetings and claims not to be cold-hearted.  I bet he pulls the wings off butterflies for fun)  
4/12  Palmer - Board - requests $40k blank check (no specifics) from board
4/14  Palmer and Morrow sign up for internet service to aid in surveillance.  It's 2015 and the club purchased cameras and has been paying for the service but evidently can't get the cameras installed?
4/14  Palmer colludes with Wilbur and Frederick on pool issues and then Dustin defers to Staton for input
4/14  Frederick - volunteers to help with the pool.   LOL, he never does anything but praise Ed to keep him working.
4/14  Palmer suggests that they tread lightly to not appear like they are out to get former board members - but she and Nate paid to sue the former board members (and herself) so it isn't an appearance, it is collusion and vindictive behavior.  
4/15  Steve Morrow and Suzy Palmer object to freedom of speech on Nextdoor and discuss controlling member speech
4/21  Wilbur asks Palmer to remember things differently and make changes  - Board member colluding with plaintiff?
4/21 Palmer - Blankenship - vandalism and community dysfunction.  I guessed they missed that this has been going on since the 80's!
4/21  Palmer - Pool sabotage   (looks like the regular vandalism issues, not pool specific)
4/21  Morrow - pool sabotage
4/21  Palmer - board - Palmer and Morrow sign up for internet service to install security cameras (9 months later still no cameras installed)
4/23  Frederick requests newsletter emphasize members have no choices or authorization ability
4/23  Palmer - Staton - Pool vandalism, Gwyn indicates that she knows who the vandal is?  
4/24  Palmer to Delahanty - received pool docs, makes wisecrack at Gwyn
4/24  Delahanty - pool and security camera issues
4/24  Palmer colludes with Frederick and Wilbur regarding pool funding
4/29  Palmer - Pool water level confusion
5/1   Morrow - limited use pool permit (Suzy making accusations of heater repair quality; she doesn't know Ed did it)
5/1    Palmer to pool committee - attempting to blame NW Spa for pool leak and claiming she knows little
5/4    Palmer to Delahanty  - Pool contact that 'really knows his stuff'
5/9    Frederick, Wilbur, Palmer and Staton working around E. Delahanty making changes.  Didn't Frederick resign from the case; why's he including Wilbur?
5/9   Chamberlain input to Frederick regarding not holding Long Range Planning Committees  (Dustin sends email about Gwyn being attorney to Bob because it is correct that there is a conflict of interest)
5/14  Palmer - Trimmer - asking her to turn off pool filter
5/15  Delahanty - pool bid request for 2014 and 2015 limited use pool.
5/16   Morrow to board - bank loan info from WIB  
5/18  Palmer and Frederick provide Ed with atta-boys for slaving at the pool (but, no help other than moral support)
5/18  Morrow to board - indicates upset that community members want details upset him and the pool cost is too high.  Someone should enlighten him about the Frederick board spending willy nilly, even with debit cards.  Steve also doesn't realize that because it's not an HOA he is beholden to the community and Maria is in good standing.   
5/19  Delahanty - Board communication re: operating as limited use pool to avoid ADA compliance
5/19  Delahanty to Trimmer - pool status
5/19  Palmer to Delahanty - approving expenditures via email (outside of public warrant process) this is what got the 2010 Frederick board in trouble - random  expenditures with lots of email communique.
5/19  Gwyn re: heater fire being vandalism.  This is not true.  The heater fire was due to inexperienced volunteers not properly tightening gas connections so when the heater turned on the gas that was escaping the poor connection caught fire.  This was per the heater technician that did the repair after the fire when he found all pipe connections weren't proper.  Volunteers aren't appropriate for everything; Ed is not an expert in gas connections and hence he points the finger at vandals!
5/23  Palmer - Island Athletic Salt Water Pool info
6/18   Morrow to board - estimates pool costs for the 20 days season to be $20k  board wants a unanimous vote but Steve wants to abstain and says it is a political move (e.g. we're being dishonest to the community and voting unanimously for show)
6/19  Disagreement about pool fees and taking cash at pool office
6/19  Pool opening costs and dissention about the costs.    Ed suggests some obfuscation to the insurance agent about how the club is going to reduce legal costs by not getting sued.  He seems to have forgotten this while dealing with the tide gate issue.
6/20  E Delahanty provides budget to Morrow - budget committee's suggested budget was being ignored early on (the committee was a farce; Ed wanted no committee input)
6/20  Palmer - facelift for pool 
6/20  Morrow - money problems if we open the pool (Frederick doesn't care if they bet the farm and spend it all)
6/20  Palmer - Board  Palmer and Frederick want to spend every dime to open pool vs Delahanty and Morrow asking to conserve funds and delay               (no fiscal responsibility from Palmer and Frederick - Frederick doesn't trust acctg system has accurate numbers ??)
6/24  Fredericks - Pool motion to gain an opinion on tiered dues
6/24 Blankenship - Pool Passes
6/24 E Delahanty - Pool Passes
6/25 Palmer-Morrow-Frederick - Pool Passes
6/26  Salmon in response to Dustin's remarks.  Fred is tired of the work effort and remarks it is time for younger board members.  But, they got the same tired old three they had - more work for Fred and Ed!    
7/12 Trimmer - E Delanty - Pool function problems
7/12  Morrow - complaining about Maria asking questions  (wants to put her on notice; but she is in good standing so why can't she ask?)
7/14  Salmon to Corliss - pool permit
7/15  Morrow - Carol D working in the background as board member to interface with county on renters not be allowed in 2014 pool season
7/15  Delahanty - agrees that county says no renters allowed with limited use permit regardless of homeowner being in good status
7/15  C. Delahanty - working with Aneta at Island County (this is the look the other way woman who issued permits in the past without real inspection.  Higman said she is on notice and won't be doing this in the future)
7/15  Morrow - Carol Delahanty - Carol making recommendation to board about standing rules to change renters notation (guess she is secret board member 8 as she is copied on all board documents - totally inappropriate)
7/15 Palmer - Morrow - Pool opening waivers
7/15 Morrow - pool opening (obtaining waivers for water level in case of pump failure)
7/17  Guinn - original owner (maybe only one) is not happy that she may have the only deed that mentions the pool in 1969.
7/21  Palmer - Frederick - Ballot wording requesting a rush to vote yes or yes.  Legal input from Kurt (not an attorney licensed to practice in WA)
7/24  Delahanty - favor sending an assessment ballot or collection notice
7/24  Frederick - makes disparaging comments about Jean's concern that VGB valve works.  He suggests ignoring input to get pool opened.
7/25  Delahanty - pump priming issues  (Cesco New Concepts quote)
7/27  Delahanty to Fredericks - get off my back about pool opening.  Isn't Dustin in charge of atta boys for Ed?
7/28  Delahanty to Fredericks - yes we know about the issues needed to open.  Dustin pushing to open regardless of issues or danger to be able to say the pool was open to the court.  He doesn't seem to care that someone could get hurt or potentially die.  Wow.
7/28 Morrow - concerned that Jean's post about VGB valve is reasonable and Ed suggesting a cover-up statement without taking action and Dustin whipping the boys to open the pool while doing no work himself.  
7/30  Palmer to board - we've already agreed on a ballot let's document an assessment ballot for the court
7/31  Palmer calls for a joint statement with the Long Range Planning committee and Kurt agree.   But, Dustin never had any meetings of the LRP? It is obvious that the board is insular and the committee process is a farce.
7/31  Salmon - pool signs
8/1  Trimmer - E Delahanty - Pool availability
8/5  Jim Daniel request for payment based on tenure of homeowner - Palmer response - politely tell him to take a hike; we want his money.
8/6  Iverson - E Delahanty - Questions about pool and lack of community caused by pool only attitude of board
8/6  Morrow - pool financing ballot 
8/6  Frederick - frustrated with board for not sending ballot and trying to get wording correct.  He just wants that assessment sent immediately.
8/8  Morrow - assessment ballot and discussion about payment plans and hardship
8/8  Trimmer - E Delahanty - Pool chores
8/8  Palmer - calling committee meeting to open pool
8/8  Morrow - pool opening costs (Fred asking to spend more and Steve saying don't spend)
8/14 E.Delahanty - Island County suggest Heintz as pool designer (this is the same designer that the 2013 pool committee used)
8/14 Grone - E Delahanty - Pool Expenditures 
8/14 Trimmer - E Delahanty  - HIring lifeguards
8/14  Morrow - Nextdoor announcement that the pool is open
8/15  Morrow to Blossom - does not answer the question of what it cost to open the pool.  Blossom suggests they shouldn't have spent the money in favor or waiting for renovation.  
8/16  Delahanty to Beck - pool opening and conditions
8/19  Corliss to Delahanty - Telaker shores members are swimming in the pool (I know this occurred and the lifeguards let them in to not deal with the contentious conversation :-)
9/8   Delahanty to Hupfauer - pool logs
9/22  Morrow to Chamberlain (cash discrepancy for swim fees)
10/26 Delahanty to board - asking Kurt for legal advice about Salls letter and claims of mis-statements.  
11/7  Morrow to board (note he now includes Carol as a board member).  Steve indicates his doubt for the board's ability to deliver a renovated pool due to new SEPA guidelines.  Steve is correct but Ed always wanted to push these issues aside.  The county SEPA rep also indicated this as an issue but Ed and Carol always defer to Aneta who knows nothing about SEPA
11/7  Delanty to Morrow re project mgmt and SEPA concerns.   Carol D copied on board correspondence.
11/14 Morrow - making excuses for not posting pool renovation studies (they don't want the members to have the real numbers because the cost is higher than they are reporting)
12/5  Palmer makes up notes for the court - Frederick stated in open meeting that he didn't hold meetings because the  pool was on hold  and he though it was a waste of time until the case was settled but Suzy  states in this message that he did and doesn't know why members weren't invited.  They should get their lie straight.
12/9   Morrow - assessment ballot proposal  
12/16 E.Delahanty provides list to D.Eagan for 2015 pool committee (Ops and Safety)
12/17  Board discusses sabotage of Alternative Visions Committee

1/13  Corliss to pool committee - eco friendly options
1/27  Corliss - pool meeting update​
1/28  Salls - NextDoor announcemnt about LRP obtaining Reserve Study
2/1   C Harrison - pool lift
2/2   C Harrison - Pool committee update
2/4   Board concurrence to move forward with Carlson bid.  This is back when Ed was in favor of ADA compliance; these days disabled folks are expected to pay but get no service.  To that, Ed says he is sorry but you still have to pay for no service.  
2/6   Delahanty to Corliss - pool dimensions
2/13  Palmer - agrees to move forward with Carlson poolhouse bid for estimate
3/7   C Harrison - Pool and Bldg Status
3/7   C. Harrison - Pool review meeting with Heintz
3/29  Palmer - Wilbur - Wilbur stirring the pot claiming Harrison did something wrong (he does that)
3/29  Staton ranting that she doesn't like the process and wants her friend's bid rule the process
3/30  C.Harrison - announcement of upcoming pool meeting
4/10  Delahanty to Frederick - Dustin asks for back-door input on what the board is doing and Ed complies and says it is going well  
4/13  C.Harrison provides contractor estimates for pool work to committee members 
4/25  Shaak - pool Q & A
4/26  C Harrison - Gwyn and Bob want to be in control and Cathie makes it clear that they chose not to participate and just stir the pot for ill-will.
5/5   Corliss-Wilbur regarding pool financing
5/4   Wilbur - discussion with Maria Chamberlain about being at the same meeting and hearing two different things.
5/4   Corliss - informs Wilbur that his email was false and committee did not conclude as he indicates
5/7   Palmer - lost pool ballot wording
5/7   Palmer to Shaak - Palmer suggest we soften language and not tell members actual costs of pool to improve the potential of a yes vote
5/10  Palmer works with Staton in the background shuttling board communications
5/10  Staton re:missiong documents and claims to have never been in office.  She and her secretary were in there many times based on other conversation I had with her about improving the filing (not sure which story is true)
5/12  Wilbur - posts on Nextdoor and tries to convince the community to vote YES to fund the pool
5/13 Shaak to Delahanty - pool ballot wording  - Ed inflated decommission cost to create the impression of the cost being closer to rehab of the pool then complains he didn't get to approve the ballot.  Seems he forgot that he actually increased the cost from $70K (actual bid) to $200K.
5/17   Palmer to Frederick - soliciting outside pool funds
5/17  Shaak - press release input
5/17  Palmer to Shaak - Suzy suggests some untruths be told to the press to make it all sound blurry
5/17  Palmer to Shaak - wants to delay press release requested by WNT but won't say why
6/19  Frederick - begins to solicit folks who will chip in for legal action should the community vote not to fund the pool
6/19  Guinn to Frederick -  she admits to never having used the pool even once
7/4   Wilbur - facts according to Bob posted on Nextdoor
7/5   Frederick - Nextdoor posting telling the community that the split is 50/50 for/con the pool so mediation is required.  But it was been voted down multiple times.   He doesn't actually do anything to cause mediation for the community just makes demands and statements.
7/12  E Delahanty requests his wife be included to go with board to county.  Carol was instrumental in prior pool openings without actual walkthrough inspections by Aneta.  County director informed about this behavior.
7/13  Delahanty and Palmer discuss hiring a lawyer regarding board actions with Frederick and Staton regarding pool decommission vote.
7/13 Delahanty and Palmer conspire with Wilbur and Frederick regarding suing the board (they are both active board members).  
7/15  Wilbur report wifes gossip - Ed and Suzy included in discussion
7/16  Corliss - pool vote
7/16  Salls to board - need to discuss how to implement community vote
7/17  Staton, Frederick, Wilbur and Palmer conspire to sue - Palmer a board member at the time
7/17  Begging for dollars to sue the ACBC board - includes Carol Delahanty (wife of board member signs request for funds)
7/28  Palmer to Riggins - soliciting legal funds to sue the board (Suzy pays to sue herself) and lies to Riggins about having no estiamates to decommission which were available and provided to the community.  Pattern lying behaviour continues; this is something she continually told us she was proud of.  Travelers Ins will be interested in her knowledge of lawsuit and solicitation of funds.
7/30  Delahanty to Shaak - input for bids to remove the pool for estimates
7/31  Palmer - RFQ For pool removal
7/31  Jones - RFQ for removal
8/5   Riggins  ranting on Nextdoor.   
8/8   Frederick threatens board because outcome of vote not to his liking.
8/9   Frederick - demands a revote of the revote to the vote that occurred when he was board president  - members also voted NO POOL to his ballot.  If we vote enough times maybe the membership will vote the way he wants?
8/15  Stiles calls Wilbur out as inflammatory - once again someone tells him he is stirring the pot.
8/16  Staton email to Frederick, Wilbur and Suzy Palmer regarding demands of the board for records (note Palmer colluding with plaintiffs while on board)
8/19  Frederick informs board he is going to Island County to complain about the pool being a nuisance.   Attempt to kick the can down the road to get what he wants.   
8/19  Staton provides declaration to Palmer, Frederick and Wilbur.  Palmer a board member in cahoots with plaintiff sits on the board being sued.
8/19  Palmer colludes with plaintiff to sue board - says it is excellent.  Palmer colluding on the the lawsuit
10/3  Staton instructing Wilbur and Frederick on what to do to save thousands.  No wonder all of those docs filed by Skinner were so poorly written; they weren't written by Skinner.
10/8  Wilbur tells Staton that Skinner is tired of her as a silent partner.  Maybe he's become embarrassed by the poorly written docs having the judge correct the grammar was pretty sad.
10/9  Iverson counsels Frederick and Wilbur on the evils of negotiate and the King discussion
10/21 Staton pushes Wilbur and Frederick to ask for contempt charges to collect attorney fees
10/23  Staton email to lawsuit posse disseminating Hendrickson email of misinformation.  No board members counted the vote and it appears that hendrickson (another board member) contributed to lawsuit.  
10/23  Frederick, Wilbur and Staton inform lawsuit posse they have to pay the assessment per Skinner's counsel to vote
10/23  Staton - I am just legal liaison;  Frederick begs her to take over the case but she doesn't want to tread of Skinner's toes  
10/25  Request for more legal funds  - Stiles and Riggins want accountability of checks sent to Carol Delahanty and Bob Wilbur
10/29  Staton informing WIlbur and Frederick that their declaration info must match  - DOH!
10/20  Wilbur outlining legal costs and confirming checks should be sent to Wilbur or Delahanty  - Carol Delahanty suing her husband Ed 
11/2  Staton instructs Frederick on filing declaration and what to say 
11/27  Wilbur to posse - thanksgiving update (some interpretation that the judge didn't say).  Among other community members there are many board members contributing to lawsuit to sue themselves. 
11/28  Hart - input to lawsuit funders
11/28  Wilbur to Frederick and Staton - lawsuit donators cheer on the fight 
11/28  Susie Pettersen thanks board members who paid to sue themselves via their spouses (what?)
11/29 Wilbur asks possee for approval to threaten board.  Informs posse that their names can be withheld.  NOTE: PALMER AND DELAHANTY spouses are participating in lawsuit
11/29  Iverson responds that Jean needs to be replaced as President by Ed and Suzy should be secretary.  (Suzy can take notes?)  Grandpa needs a nap
11/29  Wilbur to Iverson - yeah we're all for that.   Wilbur was chastised by his attorney for sending this email; it had no effect but showing that he was vindictive and nutz.  Lots of energy just to stir the pot and rev the mean-machine.
11/29  Blankenship - lawsuit supporter
12/1  Staton to Shaak - threat of personal lawsuit if pool not filled
12/1   Wilbur contact Delahanty and Palmer re pool
12/3  Frederick to board - demanding pool report and ccing Wilbur, Staton and Skinner
12/8   Carol Delahanty berates Staton, Frederick and Wilbur for making threats and using her monetary contribution for villification
12/16   Delahantys in correspondence with Wilbur and Frederick about lawsuit.  Carol indicates they are driving back from California and they agree with Dustin's request.  This is the first notation that Carol makes that indicates Ed is involved in with the plaintiffs.
12/17  Carol Delahanty discusses a conversation with Ed Delahanty and Suzy Palmer (board members) regarding the litigation with Wilbur, Staton and Frederick.  Smells like collusion?
12/17  Carol Delahanty addressing plaintiffs and current board members - Ed Delahanty and Suzy Palmer.  More collusion between plaintiff and defendant.

1/17   Jones - Shaak - Staton - Gwyn demanding to inspect Karen's home office (as registered agent) and when she doesn't get her way ask to become agent or nominates Dustin.  Then demands members personal information.
9/12   Palmer - Frederick - want to obtain an independent vote (not sent by the board)  note: Frederick sending board email to Palmer who is not on the board at this time
9/20   Wilbur, Hart, C.Delahanty - discussion about members wanting to remove versus rehab due to cost.  
9/25   Palmer to secret squirrel group - Palmer circulates false ballot outside of board and receives what she considers a majority of membership signatures (50, not even 10%) to save the pool and remove directors.  Behavior is consistent with her subsequent lying.
10/1   Palmer - Staton, Fredricks - contacting reporters
10/24  Carol Delahanty - shuttling board conversation to Ed  (Ed was not on the board). subj: Dan objecting to secret board activity between             Dustin and Gwyn
11/4   Staton - wants Capt Brad on pool committee (nobody knows who he is)
11/4   Wilbur - re pool committee selection; he agrees that the members selected are diverse and a good group.  He refers to himself as vacuous and ignorant.  His subsequent court documents contest this committee makeup and his knowledge as superior.  Guess he forgot?
11/9  Staton - Jones - Gwyn attempts to form her own pool committee by remembering what occurred at the annual meeting but is corrected by
 Dan Jones.  Gwyn forwards email to secret squirrel shadow group of failed board members.
12/9  Wilbur to Harrison - has open availability for pool meetings .  Later contends in legal docs that he wasn't contacted and meetings weren't schedule to his liking.