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In the hood...
This Member motion made by Mike & Marge King was approved by the membership at the 2014 Annual Members Meeting to study and present an alternative concept to the existing pool facility - The Raven Center.

The motion reads:
I move that the Board of Directors appoint an ad hoc committee named Alternative Visions. This ad hoc committee will evaluate an alternative recreational use for the property on which the current pool is located so that it will become an asset that is a year-round indoor facility. The ad hoc committee will compare the costs and benefits of an indoor recreational and conference facility to the costs of operating and refurbishing pool in compliance with all state and federal standards. The ad hoc committee will also explore how revenue generated from an indoor recreational facility could potentially be used to fund a pool on an alternative site. This study shall be presented to the entire membership no later than March 1, 2015.
<----  Outside Concept
<---- Floorplan Concept