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June 27, 2015

Trickery Coming 
VOTE NO - Don't lose your right to vote on assessments

​What is Trickery?

Trickery is the practice of deception.  A trick is what the board is about to offer you.  They are deceiving you about how to vote to change the bylaws.

Many members of the club have asked the board to hold meetings to discuss the upcoming bylaws vote to explain the changes.  The board has answered with a firm NO - the changes will be self-explanatory.

Not so.  What you're about to get will be trickery.  The board has created a bunch of small changes that appear to be insignificant but they are not.  One change proposes you vote to make the bylaws more like the Articles of Incorporation.   THIS IS A BAD CHANGE - VOTE NO.

The proposed change (they propose to add the RED and delete the Orange)

Section. 1- OBJECT-The object of the Club shall be to:

a. Provide and operate athletic, social and recreational facilities for the benefit of the members.
b. Procure, maintain, operate, and protect the recreational and associated safety concerns of the members of the community of Admiral’s Cove Beach Club,  subject to the approval of the members of the Club  consistent with the responsibilities delineated under the Articles of Incorporation, Article V, Section 8 and these Bylaws, Island County, Washington State and Federal law.

The is a big deal.  Clearly, the intent is to remove any consent of the membership for maintaining the pool.  If you vote for this the board will be able to assess you for any project ($2,000 for the pool) without your vote.  It is their attempt to get the ruling they could not get from Judge Hancock.  He ruled that the Bylaws and the Articles of Incorporation were not in sync so the board had to ask the members to assess themselves.  This takes away your vote.   Removing the words SUBJECT TO THE APPROVAL OF THE MEMBERS OF THE CLUB gives the board the power to do whatever they want.  



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