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Roger Close vs. ACBC
2007 - Notes included in October Ballot to encourage votes to change to HOA
2008 Newsletter Cover - President Iverson states the Club has building authority over Island County 
2008 Board notes - steps to become an HOA 
March 2008 Iverson memo to Board on becoming an HOA
2008 Close email regarding validity of vote to update governing documents
2009 CondoLaw Opinion on membership

Condo Law  - Opinion on obligation to pay dues and assessments  2-4-2010
Buri Funsten Mumford - Legal Opinion 2-5-2010
Jennifer Hill - Legal Opinion 2-19-2010

Weeks to Bell regarding Opt-Out of membership  4-12-2010
Survey sent to Cove owners with OptOut Provision   4-2010
Dues Collection and Compliance - Whitepaper by Susie Peterson 6-12-2010
CondoLaw to Frederick - Suggested Document Revisions 6-16-2010
Timeline - 6-29-2010
Defendant's answer to Plaintiff's Complaint for Declaratory Relief and Quiet Title  7-21-2010
Lee Smart to Weeks - Close offer to settle  9-23-2010

Board Vote for Settlement of the Case - 4-19-2010

Records used for legal opinions and exhibits regarding requirement to pay dues:
     State Senator Ted Peterson refutes membership requirement  3-3-89
     Response to Sen. Peterson  8-14-89
     Ken Pickard - Legal Opinion re: paying dues 4-8-87  Pages:  1   2   3

Cameron to US Liability Ins re: case status - summary judgement  1-3-2011

Verbatim Report of Court's Oral Ruling 1-28-2011

Frederick Letter to Homeowners that their lots are not exempt from dues  3-10-2011 

Filing to Secty of State of WA -  Change Amendment 3-16-2011

Partial Summary Judgement  - 3-24-2011

ACHOA/Frederick response to Close 3-2011
Close request for Settlement  4-21-2011

Frederick to Cameron - evidence that ACBC is an HOA  by default since 1995 memo  4-19-2011

Pool Assessment Cover Page  - 4-21-2011
Pool Assessment and Bylaws Ballot - 4-21-2011

Bill Cameron (attorney) does not agree with Frederick & Staton re Exempt lots being required to pay - email memo 5-31-2011

Verbatim Court Ruling - 6-3-2011​
Order Denying Defendant's Motion for Summary Judgement and granting Plaintiff's Cross-motion for Summary Judgement  6-3-2011

Cameron to Frederick - Close Attorney Fee request due to Summary Judgement ACBC not an HOA  6-9-2011

History of illegal conversion from Beach Club to HOA  2007-2011