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Robert Wilbur  and Dustin Frederick vs ACBC
Complaint filed in Island County on Sept 11, 2013 
 Cover of Filing by Attorney Skinner
Complaint for Declaratory Relief, Permanent Injunction and Damages
Motion for Temporary Restraining Order and Order to Show Cause
Temporary Restraining Order to Show Cause
Declaration of Robert Wilbur
Declaration of Gwyn Staton
Annual Meeting Notes 2012 - contains wording of membership motion
 Shaak Declaration - defendant response to TRO
Defendants' Response to Plaintiffs Motion for TRO

Motion for Contempt of Court Order - Nov 19 2013
Plaintiffs Motion for Order to Show Cause re:Contempt (Violation of TRO)
Amended Order to Show Cause re: Contempt
Gwyn Staton Declaration re:Contempt
Robert Wilbur Declaration re:Contempt
Dustin Frederick Declaration Exhibits 1-4
Dustin Frederick Declaration Exhibits 5-9
Dustin Frederick Declaration Exhibits 10-16

Nov 27  2013 Declarations and Filings
Dustin Frederick's Declaration in Reply to Response of Defendants
Robert Wilbur's Declaration in Reply to Response of Defendants
Declaration of Jean Salls in Support of Defendants' Opposition to Plaintiffs' Motion re Contempt
Defendants' Opposition to TRO re: Contempt
Plaintiffs' Memorandum of Points and Authorities re: Contempt

Dec 30 2013 Filings 
Frederick Declaration - change of Annual Mtg Date
Declaration of Jean Salls - Legal Memorandum on balloting
Declaration of Jean Salls - Opposing Dustin Frederick with exhibits
Legal Filing of Vasudev Addanki - Memorandum in Support of Proposed Order of Defendants
Defendants Legal Memorandum in Support of Proposed Order
Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law and Order - Grants temporary Injunction, Denying Motion for Contempt (Order starts on pg 7..)

Feb 21 2014 Filing
Motion to Dismiss Individual Defendants
Declaration of Jean Salls
Declaration of Dan Jones
Declaration of Bob Peetz
Declaration of Karen Shaak
Declaration of Maria Chamberlain

March 5 2014
Frederick Motion for Voluntary Non-Suit

May 30 2014
Release Settlement -  Board Agrees to award 10K to Bob Wilbur

June 16 2014
Order dismissing Wilbur's complaint against individual defendants

September 22, 2014
Note for Motion
Plaintiff Motion for Summary Judgement
Declaration of Bob Wilbur

October 9 2014
 Defandant's Response to Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgement
Delahanty Response

October 14 2014
Letter from Jean Salls

November 4, 2014
Motion for Intervention
Pleading in Intervention
Corliss Declaration in Support of Motion to Intervene

November 6, 2014
Opposition to Wilbur Motion for Summary Judgement - Intervenor Susan Corliss 
Declaration of Charles Bauer
Declaration of Maria Chamberlain
Declaration of John Deegan
Declaration of Cathie Harrison
Declaration of Del Johnson
Declaration of Michael King
Declaration of Barbara Nichols
Declaration of Robert Peetz
Declaration of Bradley Portin
Declaration of Jean Salls
Declaration of Karen Shaak

November 10, 2014
Declaration of Robert Wilbur Opposing Motion to Intervene

November 11, 2014
Plaintiff's Opposition to Susan Corliss Motion to Intervene

November 13, 2014
Reply of Sue Corliss in Support of Motion to Intervene

November 17, 2014
Corliss Intervention - Verbatim Court Proceedings 

November 19, 2014
Intervenor's First Discovery Requests to Robert Wilbur
Intervenor's First Discovery Requests to ACBC

January 13, 2015
Declaration of Bob Wilbur in support of amended request for summary judgement
Plaintiff's Amended Motion for Summary Judgement

January 16, 2015
Intervenor Susan Corliss' Cross-Motion for Summary Judgement and Motion to Dissolve Temporary Restraining Order

January 23, 2015
Motion to Compel Discovery from Plaintiff

January 27 2015
Declaration of Elinor Guinn
Declaration of Sandi Hull
Declaration of Darla Allen
Declaration of Sidney Iverson
Declaration of Harry Lynam
Declaration of Stiles
Declaration of Mike Brice
Declaration of Anthony Blackner
Declaration of Richard Kerr
Declaration of John Klasell
Declaration of Lydia Bartholomew

January 29, 2015
Declaration of Robert Wilbur in Response to Corliss Motion for Summary Judgement
Exhibits to Wilbur Declaration

February 2, 2015
Declaration of Ed Delahanty in Support of Defendant's Response to Intervenor's Cross Motion for Summary Judgement
Plaintiff's Response to Corliss Motion for Summary Judgement

​February 10, 2015
Intervenor Susan Corliss' reply in Support of Summary Judgement and Motion to Dissolve Temporary Restraining Order
Declaration of Karen Shaak in Reply Support Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgement

March 26, 2015
Supplemental Brief in Opposition to Plaintiff's Motion for Summary Judgement and in Support of Intervenor's Motion

March 27, 2015
Verbatim Report of Court's Oral Ruling

May 18, 2015
Summary Judgement

June 4, 2015
 Notice of Appeal

​January 25, 2016
Opening Brief of Appellant

February 18, 2016
​Wilbur Extension Request

March 10, 2016
ACBC Response to Appeal

March 16, 2016
Wilbur Response to Appeal

April 8, 2016
Motion for Stay
Corliss Declaration
Deegan Declaration
Novak Declaration

April 18, 2016
Appeal Court Entry of Stay
Corliss Response to Wilbur Appeal  

April 29, 2016
Wilbur's joinder response
ACBC Response to TRO
Delahanty Declaration

May 9 2016
Reply on Motion for Stay

May 23, 2016
Appellate request to ACBC for Justification of 5% increase

Supplement Response requesting additional time
Delahanty declaration indicating that there will be an escalation cost on top of the escalation cost (huh?)

Appeals Notation
Hearing Date Proposed

Appellate Ruling in favor of Susan Corliss

Corliss files with Appeals Court for taxable expenses as allowed by ruling ~$1800.00

ACBC Motion to Reconsider to Appellate Court

Denial of Reconsideration Request

Appellate Mandate and Award of Legal Fees

Wilbur note for motion
Wilbur Motion to Amend Complaint
Wilbur Declaration to Amend
Skinner Declaration to Amend

Opposition to motion to Amend

Court Proceeding - Verbatim

Motion for Summary Judgement (filed by ACBC)
Blankenship Declaration
Delahanty Declaration (2016 refiled)
Nye - GR17
Nye Filing to Appeals Court (refile to Island County)
Island County Court Hearing Response

Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgement
Carlson Declaration with Exhibits
Bennett Declaration
Chamberlain Declaration
Daniel Declaration
Deegan Declaration
Firnstahl Declaration
Gaudinier Declaration
Kobylk Declaration
Lemmon Declaration
Delahanty Declaration to Appellate Court with Exhibits

ACBC Summary Judgement Reply
Blankenship Declaration
Clay Declaration
Nye Declaration

Verbatim Transcript

court tosses wilbur mandate